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About Darren Grimes

Darren Grimes, a proud son of County Durham, is a conservative commentator and broadcaster who has become a formidable force in British media. As the host of Reasoned UK and a GB News presenter, Darren has not just taken on the British Establishment once, but twice, proving himself as a relentless advocate for free speech and democratic values.

At the young age of 22, Darren spearheaded the BeLeave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum. His bold stance against the Remain Establishment and the biased Electoral Commission showcased his unwavering commitment to the Brexit cause. Facing vexatious claims for daring to champion Brexit, Darren emerged victorious in a legal battle, buoyed by public support. This triumph was not just his own, but a win for the silent majority who yearned for Britain's departure from the EU.

Darren's unyielding pursuit of truth and transparency was further highlighted in 2020. Faced with the threat of arrest by the Metropolitan Police for conducting a contentious interview on his Reasoned UK show, he stood firm. The case, which made national headlines, underscored the fragile state of press freedom in the UK. Darren's staunch defence of free speech and press liberty forced the police to retreat, marking another significant victory in his career.

With firsthand experience of the Establishment's intolerance towards opposing voices, Darren recognizes the growing threat to free speech, a cornerstone of a healthy democracy. He is acutely aware of the widespread disenchantment, especially outside Greater London, where millions feel marginalized, patronised, and scorned for their views. In a media landscape dominated by liberal-Left assumptions, tech giants' censorship, and a seemingly perpetual 'woke' narrative, Darren stands as a beacon of hope and resistance.

His mission is clear: to build a movement with you that challenges the complacent consensus and gives voice to the voiceless. Darren Grimes is not just a media personality; he is a champion for those who feel ignored, a defender of free speech, and a true patriot. He thanks you for your unwavering support and invites you to join him in this crucial battle to uphold the values that define our great nation.
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