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Hated, adored, seldom ignored

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British broadcaster and conservative commentator

Darren Grimes, a proud son of County Durham, is a conservative commentator and broadcaster who has become a formidable force in British media. As the host of Reasoned UK and a presenter on GB News, Darren has not just taken on the British Establishment once, but twice, proving himself as a relentless advocate for free speech and democratic values. Click to learn more about Darren.

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A one-off or regular donation to support Darren's content creation and cover the costs of his activism would be greatly appreciated and go a long way to cover costs.

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Julia Hartley Brewer

Broadcaster Julia Hartley Brewer on
Darren Grimes:

"Always utterly brilliant, always talking sense, speaking up for people who just don’t have a voice in our media and our politics."
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Iain Dale Headshot

Broadcaster Iain Dale
on Darren Grimes: 

"Darren Grimes has a certain reputation – most of it thoroughly undeserved. His reputation should be as one of the most articulate voices for Brexit in the country and someone who explains complicated Brexit arguments in a very persuasive way. And there aren’t many of those to the pound."
Darren Grimes ARC conference
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About Darren Grimes' GB News show

The Saturday Five, the best Saturday night takeaway you could order!

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